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“The Water Revolution” is a powerful message of justice and courage to support those who fight for freedom, democracy, and faith. This song will bring peace to Asia.
Since ancient times, the Chinese goddess, Dongting Lake Niangniang, has been protecting people against tyranny. Now, Goddess Lake Dongting stands up again to bring about “The Water Revolution”―a movement that will push forward with the liberalization of mainland China.

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The Water Revolution
Words and Music by Ryuho Okawa
Song by kouta


Doutei-ko nyan-nyan
Doutei-ko nyan-nyan
Doutei-ko nyan-nyan
Doutei-ko nyan-nyan

I now stand up
I now stand up with sacred rage
There are more than 1.4 billion people in China
They are in the midst of the unlucky situation
It’s impossible to let them stay as it is
And I’ll never overlook a lot of bad deeds from Beijing

What did you do in Tibet?
What have you been doing in Uyghur?
And what happened in South Mongolia?
You are now doing bad things in Hong Kong
And you are assaulted by the people of the world

Now is the time we have in our minds the legend of John Lennon and must sing a song
Power to the people!
Power to the people!
Like water,
The power of the people comes here and pouring
And never abandon bad things of dictators

The ship where bad people, bandits are on board
How large it is,
The goddess Lake Dongting will blow and blow strong wind
And at last, at last, drag the ship into the lake

Doutei-ko nyan-nyan!
Doutei-ko nyan-nyan!
What kind of evil we will destroy
And help people, mob of the ordinary people
Never regard this as a small evil
In this earth,
They are wanting to make this land in black color
We will never forgive them
This China shall never be an evil empire
This black empire
We must change, we will change
Like a panda,
We need white area
We’ll get white area
Go and go, get and get, add and add

Now America and Europe are never our enemies
We must get together our powers
And shall produce Asian peace now

Power to the people!
Doutei-ko nyan-nyan!
The Water Revolution will never end
I have been fighting against this evil spirit for thousands of years
Until nearby Dongting Lake
We can build the statue of El Cantare,
The war for the peace will never end
The Water Revolution
We will realize
Oh… We will accomplish

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